Multicyl and Unitized Tooling

What is unitized tooling and why is it a great choice to use with Multicyl?


Unitized tooling: A die having its upper and lower members incorporated into a self-contained unit arranged to maintain the die members in alignment. Typically these are c-frame hole punching units such as the one shown here, but other styles of tooling for other applications are available as well.

At Multicyl we believe that manufacturing should be simple and cost effective. For hole punching, notching, tube piercing and more, the marriage of Multicyl with unitized tooling into a complete punching solution is often an excellent way to realize this philosophy on the shop floor.


Multicyl Punch and Shear
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How so?:


If you are looking to save money and increase productivity on your shop floor contact Multicyl to enquire about using our products with unitized tooling – we can help!


Multicyl Hole Punch
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UniPunch Products is the industry leader in unitized tooling with an extensive catalogue of off the shelf tools for hole punching, shearing, notching, and more. For years both of our companies have realized the mutual benefits of using our products together and have sold Multicyl systems with UniPunch tooling for complete punching solutions.


Norm Krygier of Unipunch has this to say:


“UniPunch Products has for many years recommended the Multicyl air over oil system to our customers as a reliable method to activate our modular tooling units. Simple to use and maintain, the Multicyl system is capable of performing a wide variety of standard and custom part producing applications. The cylinder and cage designs provided by Multicyl are compatible with the working shut heights of our standard ‘A’ or ‘B’ series c-frame units.”


At Multicyl we have a full working knowledge of the UniPunch catalogue and can help provide you a complete turn-key system including the Multicyl station complete with UniPunch tooling (you can request a quote here simply by sending us a part drawing to work with), or you can use a Multicyl system with your existing UniPunch units – just let us know the part number, we have a systems designed for use with the full catalogue and work closely with the team at UniPunch to provide you with a complete solution!


Complete Machines:


In addition to being able to provide small single punching stations, Multicyl can provide complete machines such as our standard MLR (click here to learn more about our MLR machines) as well as complete custom machines using UniPunch tooling that provide all the cost and production benefits listed above but on a larger scale. Take a look at the examples below, and click on the pic to see a video of the machine.


A custom machine that uses many benefits of
the Multicyl and Unipunch marriage

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Traditional Multicyl MLR machine with
Unipunch tooling
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A Multicyl MLR machine using both Unipunch and
traditional die sets with digital readout technology
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