MultiPunch Linear 4 Station Rail

MultiPunch Linear Rail

Why use a MultiPunch Linear Rail (MLR) System?
Simple – MLRs are the best solution on the market for variable punching applications in sheet metal, angle iron, extrusion, or tubing.

Check out these features:

  • Standard rail sizes from 2′ to 10′

  • The best in hole position versatility – Multicyl stations and backstops relocate in just seconds!
  • Accepts all standard unitized tools
  • Fast cycle times
  • Quick tool changeover
  • Often meets OSHA standards without additional guarding
  • Uses the Multicyl Press-In-A-Box™ technology for easy, simple, and user friendly initial set-up.

Unipunch MLR System

MultiPunch Linear Rail 3 StationIn this application Unipunch used a MLR System with interchangeable custom tools to provide their customer a machine to corner notch and punch signs ranging in size from 12″-48″ wide

Custom Features

Our design team can add custom features to the MLR System machine to suit your needs. In this application which Knoll used MLR to punch door panels, we added digital readouts, additional axis of movement, and part sensors.

Watch Multicyl Videos

Click below to see MultiPunch Linear Rail System in Action:

Watch Multicyl Videos
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Important information when requesting a quote for applications includes:

Material, material profile, material thickness, and clinch location(s). Additional information such as strength requirements may be important, depending on the individual application. A drawing is always best to quote from.
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