Multicyl Guide to Punching Basics

Hole Punching Process Guide

In this section of the website our aim is to help you learn about and understand the punching process, your Multicyl system, and some common punching applications. This will not only make you more informed about punching in general, but will enable you to get the most value out of your purchase and increase the return on your Multicyl investment – and after all, turning a profit is what you are in business for!

The first thing to realize is that although the Multicyl is the hub of the system, the other components, such as tooling and air controls, are vitally important. Being knowledgeable enough to use these to their full potential in your application is fundamental to success in your punching operation, as is understanding the nuances of the application you are using Multicyl for.

We have decided that the best way to present the information here in our Guide to Punching Basics is to organize it by individual tutorials, not only for the various components of a punching system, but also for the more common and interesting punching applications.

Tooling – the first section we are introducing to Multicyl University is an introductory tutorial on tooling – click here to go to the tutorial.

Remember, more sections will be added regularly – check back soon for our tutorials on Air Controls and Tube Piercing.

Hole Punching Guide

Mutlicyl Guide to Punching Basics

Welcome the Multicyl tooling tutorial, we hope this information is helpful.

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Hole Punching Guide